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About Us

Churning Creativity in every Chore, every minute

Watercolor Mastermind is a small team of Creative professionals led by Artist Madhubanti Mukherjee at the Academy of Creative Arts.  We strive to live a life fuelled by creativity and help ignite a Creative spark in everyone who aspires to be an Artist. 

Our Story

At ACA, we harness everyday influences to create something new and unique that leaves a lasting and positive impact on every soul that meets the creation. 

As a working professional, Madhubanti realised that the stress and toughness can really be challenging and often impairing to the creative potential of an individual. It was a challenge to revive the spirit and habit of spending time with one self and arts while pursuing a parallel profession. However, the immense fulfilment and joy and calm that Art and other creative pursuits provided to her, made her embark the journey of spreading the joys of creativity to a million other souls.

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