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The Slice of Paradise Workshop is an exclusive 5 day workshop helping you paint this wonderfully colourful landscape that covers aspects like painting the Azure blue Skies, Foggy Mountains, Reflections on Water and also under water stones and rocks! 

One workshop that packs the fundemental components of Landscape painting !

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The "Astral Elegance" Workshop is one of its kind that teaches you to paint unconventional subjects with ease. This is a gorgeous painting that can make an ordinary wall captivate its viewers with the spell binding splash of vibrant colors. 

Understand the fundamentals and the artistic aspects of this subject as we paint along !

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The  'SHERLOCK' portrait workshop has been conducted keeping in mind the learning needs of both Beginners and Advance Artists to understand the process of creating stunning portraits in watercolors. 

Learn about some of  the core concepts about facial features and Skin tones and also about the use of appropriate watercolor techniques to get astonishing effects in your paintings ! 

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